Introducing Channel Oil Tools

Channel Oilfield Tools (Thru Tubing Rental Division) is a separate LLC and subsidiary of Channel Energy Services. Based upon Channel Energy’s proven ability to organize and structure some of the most knowledgeable and highly-skilled professional and technical teams operating in today’s energy services market, with the launch of Channel Oilfield Tools, we have constructed an all-star team around a proven and effective business model – dedicated to servicing the coiled tubing marketplace.

Coiled Tubing is a unique and highly specialized technical segment of the oil and gas services industry. As with most oilfield services, Coiled Tubing is a predominantly relationship-driven service that depends almost entirely on the skills, contacts and relationships owned and maintained by each individual service provider. Our management and operations team, with a combined total of well over a century of industry experience, has an unmatched level of industry knowledge, insight and firmly established relationships within the coiled tubing market; a trait that sets us drastically apart from other service providers. By incentivizing, empowering and (most of all) retaining some of the industry’s best and brightest, we are confident in our ability to successfully capture a significant percentage of this international market, currently valued at over $4 billion.