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InProveTM Colloidal Product Information

The InProveTM product group offers a heavy duty, user friendly, environmentally safe and non-toxic line of cleaning and dispersant fluids for industrial and commercial use. This biodegradation process results in food elements – fertilizers and fatty acids – that are ingested by the background phytoplankton and zooplankton, respectively, thus completing the final bioremediation into the environment.

These newly formulated products are 100% biodegradable and harmless to personnel, wildlife or marine life. This formula is not corrosive, does not harm gaskets, seals, and plastics and leaves no residue. They contain no hard chemicals, soaps or detergents. InProveTM was developed to fill the need for an environmentally compatible cleaner that is both safe and effective. This cleaning system is totally based on renewable, naturally occurring resources.

Unlike cleaners based on petroleum derived surfactants, InProve is a unique combination of surfactants, colloids and hyper-wetting agents. These are sourced and manufactured from renewable, naturally occurring vegetable oils and fats such as coconut, palm kernel, palm and tallow plus renewable agricultural resources such as corn and soybeans.

Many of the old-line cleaners are becoming unpopular or even illegal because of their toxicity or toxicity created by the resulting emulsions, which can then become toxic to nature.

What doesn’t InProveTM contain?

InProveTM does not contain

        • Phosphates (Phosphorus)
        • Nitrogen (N)
        • Nitrosamines
        • 1,4-Dioxane
        • Alkybenzene sulfonate (ABS) or Linear Alkybenzene sulfonate (LAS)

InProveTM is:

        1. Rapidly and completely biodegradable yielding carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).
        1. Extremely effective on emulsifying, suspending, dispersing, and removing a wide variety of soils from a number of different surfaces.
        1. Safe with respect to human exposure as well as long term environmental impact.

Test summaries have been conducted by various laboratories concerning effectiveness and toxicity of InProve.

The InProveTM products require no hard scrubbing. They are typically, mixed with plenty of water (fresh or salt). After being allowed to stand o the dirty surface for 10-20 minutes while it emulsifies grease, oils and dirt. The surface is simply rinsed clean leaving no residue. The only scrubbing required will be to break the surface film which also speeds up the cleaning action.

The InProveTM line of cleaners’ application and specification sheets along with their MSDS are located in appropriate division heading Specifications and MSDS.

The InProveTM products already meet MILSPEC requirements.

With our previous experiences and backgrounds, our engineering staff can provide solutions and or recommendations to any variety of problems.

Product: InProve™ Concentrate

What is it?
A proprietary blend of plant based ingredients using nano technology; creating ionic and anion compounds that turn nature’s most prolific and environmentally friendly solvent – water – into a degreaser, a deodorizer and superb cleaner.
This Cleaning Agent has no hard chemicals. It is 99.9% biodegradable. Simply put; Detergents are made from petroleum products and Soap is made using lye. InProve is often referred to as a cleaner, but because “It is Not SOAP or a DETERGENT”; its uses are not just limited to cleaning.

How It Works
When added to water (the concentrate will not work without water), the resultant colloid* type solution converts oils and greases to fats and fatty acids; including breaking down sulfur based odors. The colloidal micelles will continue to work by breaking down the hydrocarbons into fatty acids and exposing them to the resident bacteria. This product encapsulates and will also suppress VOCs as it cleans. Due to its unique formulation, InProve works equally well in hot or cold, fresh or salt water. It can mixed with alkalis, salts of various types and certain types of additives, and many cleaning jobs which formerly required a special compound, can now be accomplished by a single product.
Colloidal Action Colloids are electrically charged sub-microscopic particles called micelles. The electrically charged particles repel each other in a ceaseless random movement, which works to break up grease and soil molecules. They continually pass through other molecules in their path, breaking them apart and disrupting the molecular bonding of organic compounds.

What are Colloids?

A Colloid in a liquid solution measure 0.000,000,01 centimeters (Nano) and cannot be seen with the most powerful microscope, however, they reflect light rays that can be detected by complex electron microscopes. This product contains a homogenous blend of colloids, sterilants, bacteriostatics, sequesterants, surfactants, chelates and hyperwetting agents that by the unique process of formulation and concentration becomes Hyper Active Water.

How Colloids Work
Solid soil particles are attracted to colloids, by what might be described as a magnetic force field. When the attractions of the colloids become greater than the force holding the solid particles together, or to a surface, they are dispersed into individual particles that do not have the ability to redeposit. That is to say, when colloids penetrate into dirt’s, greases, oils and other soils, they break it up into billions individual particles, that constantly repel each other, making it impossible to recombine or redeposit on a surface.
Its colloidal hyper-action keeps on working as long as there is even a microscopic amount of water present. The power of the colloid in cleaning compounds is amazing in the extremely wide range of jobs it will do, without the undesirable side effects of other cleaners. Water molecules are attracted to colloids much like a magnetic field. When the attraction of the colloids becomes greater than the force holding the water molecules together, they disperse into individual particles. The power of the colloid is amazing in that it works without the undesirable side effects of petrochemical dispersants.

An excellent example of a colloidal action is in fog. To the casual observer, fog is nothing more than a cold wet nuisance. However, to the trained observer, for billions of tiny droplets of water so close together that they obstruct the vision. They are always rolling in constant movement, but they never collide and fall out like raindrops. This is one of the few places that the movement of colloids can be observed. The tiny droplets of water that make fog are attached to colloids.

Applications and Equipment

Depending on the task – simply add the right amount to your liquid tank; hand application to pressure washers, Butterworth machines, and any other automated equipment. This will prevent calcium buildup inside the boiler coils.

Approvals and Laboratory Tests
approval list
Major Projects

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Beach Cleanup, Prince William Sound Alaska; San Juan, Puerto Rico Oil Spill Beach Cleanup; Soil Remediation for Gas Stations; California Live Stock Far.

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