Date: October 8, 2014


This policy defines the CES LLC.’s commitment to delivering quality products and services that satisfy customers and the requirements for transforming this commitment into measurable results.


CES LLC. is committed to delivering products and services that satisfy customers’ business needs; meet or exceed their expectations; comply with their quality standards; and are delivered safely, on time, and at the agreed upon price.

CES LLC. maintains a Quality Management System to assure and continually improve the quality of the Company’s products and services and their associated business acquisition, execution, support and supplier processes. This system, as an integral part of the CES LLC. Management System, defines the quality objectives, plans, responsibilities, authorities, processes and procedures for ensuring that customer requirements are understood and fulfilled. The system’s deployment is to comply with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality standards as well as API Q1.

Each employee is expected to organize, define, plan, execute, control and verify the quality of his or her work in accordance with customer requirements and the Quality Management System and to take actions to identify, correct and prevent nonconformances. CES LLC. employs experienced quality professionals to support development, communication, implementation, assessment and continual improvement of this system.

CES LLC. leadership and process owners are responsible for measuring, analyzing and reviewing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to ensure that customers are satisfied and the company’s quality objectives are met.


“Customer” is a company or entity external to CES LLC. that receives or provides compensation for the products and services produced or delivered by CES LLC..

“CES LLC. Management System” is the integrated set of policies, business practices and management systems used by CES LLC. in defining, planning, executing and controlling its business activities.

APPROVED BY: Bob Crocker DATE: October 8, 2014


Channel Energy Services’ Quality Assurance program includes quality planning, training and work procedures that are in place to ensure all drilling services are provided in accordance with contractual requirements as well as meeting our internal goals and objectives of best in class performance. CES will prepare a Quality Plan, at the client’s request, which at a minimum reflects the provision of services and goods based on the criticality of events and the potential impact to health, safety, environment, well integrity, schedule and project costs.

Should a quality incident occur, CES has process controls in place to investigate, resolve the incident to root cause(s) and implement changes to existing controls and procedures to prevent recurrence.

Our expectation is to perform flawless work. To assure our customers that CES is continuously striving for perfection we instill in our employees and subcontractors a culture of continuous improvement. In addition at all levels of our organization we require periodic reviews of our performance to gauge the effectiveness of our management system. Reviews are “rolled up” to the leadership for an overall assessment of company performance. The effectiveness of a review is only as good as the data collected and in accordance with our commitment to excellence we have established performance metrics, set appropriate goals and where available we utilize benchmark data in our systems review to compare our performance to our competitors.